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About Becknell Industrial

Led by owners who built the business on long-term relationships and a full-service real estate approach for industrial clients across the country, read more about how Becknell Industrial got started and meet our talented team.

Becknell Hard HatBecknell Industrial is a privately held national real estate development firm focused exclusively on industrial buildings, including distribution centers, warehouses, processing and assembly plants, manufacturing plants, research-and-development centers, service centers and other facilities vital to the global supply-chain management of regional, national and multi-national operations.

Becknell launched into the industrial real estate business in 1990 when co-founders Dan Harrington and Fritz Hartrich joined forces to build and lease a custom warehouse to Nabisco, a client Hartrich began developing for in the 1970s. It was the first of many enduring relationships Becknell has fostered since.

Under the long-term leadership of Harrington, who serves as Becknell Industrial CEO and President as well as Becknell’s Corporate Counsel, Becknell’s national portfolio now includes 20.8 million square feet of industrial real estate property, representing in excess of $1.5 billion, in addition to nearly 400 acres of developable ground for future distribution properties. Harrington is joined by a strong team of leaders that include CFO Matt Cohoat, COO Mark Shapland and Principal of Architecture and Design Craig Kouri.

At the core of Becknell’s superior delivery system is our design-build construction capabilities. While Hartrich is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations, Becknell continues to benefit from his dedicated construction expertise, tapping into his more than 50 years of national construction experience.

Becknell’s vertically integrated approach takes an experienced team of professionals working closely together. Our executive team alone has more than 100 years of collective real estate and business experience, while the rest of our highly talented staff incorporates a wealth of technical expertise in key trades that include architects, engineers, construction managers and CPAs.

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