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About Axion Risk Management Strategies

Nearly three decades ago, our founders insisted that the role of a benefit consultant should change. Benefit consulting was quickly becoming a worn and tired track of the reactive and transactional. The industry standard was to simply wait for insurance carriers to issue their rates every year and present them to the client after a good-faith, yet often submissive attempt at rate relief.

So we changed the game. We knew that the financial stakes were too high to use outdated and tired methods to control costs. Organizations had to have a game plan: long view vision, innovation, and creativity. These methods significantly and positively impacted dollars spent while still offering the kind of employee benefit products of which any organization can be proud. We sought true partnerships with our clients. We wanted to prove to our customers that we cared as much as they did about the bottom line and that we recognized the value of their human capital. 

Today, Axion continues to provide its clients with the proactive consulting and personalized, multi-year employee benefits strategies that help organizations grow. Our experienced leadership and innovation will keep us at the forefront of the benefits industry now and for many years to come. 

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