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Susan Lyons-janecek

Submitted By: Susan

#CancerIsPersonal Story:

I am raising my hand, accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonal Challenge to help find a cure for cancer. Cancer has passed my path several times in my life but there is one person who has made a profound impact on me and whom I think of quite often actually. The reason that she stands out is that she was a MOM, just like me. Sandy Meagher was my niece's best friend whom I had come to know very well through my niece and I watched them both get married to the "man of their dreams" and become mothers. Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer when her two daughters were in elementary school. She of course fought very hard against this disease as all she wanted was to see her girls grow up, graduate, go to college, get married, and become mothers themselves. Katelyn and Amanda were what gave her the strength and positive attitude to never give up and she fought hard! Her strength throughout her sickness was something that I admired. I often wondered, how did she get through this and always have a smile on her face? Her husband, Wally Meagher, right there fighting alongside of her throughout her courageous fight. Unfortunately after a few years of battling, Sandy passed away suddenly the morning of November 3, 2014 after sending her two young girls off to school. I know that Sandy is STILL WATCHING her girls from up above and is still their biggest cheerleader! I miss you Sandy!

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