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Lindsay's Story

#CancerIsPersonal Story:
A little over a year ago I lost my Papaw Hynds to cancer. He hands down had the biggest impact on my life and meant the world to me. He battled cancer for quite some time. He was first diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer a few years back. We were all told that his chance of making it out of this battle were extremely low and unlikely. But I kept my hopes up and prayed for him everyday that cancer wouldn’t take him, not this soon. After a hard battle my Papaw pulled through beating the odds and went on to live several good years cancer free! In the mean time my Nana Hynds was diagnosed with breast cancer but proudly beat the disease in a very quick battle! But on the other hand my Papaw cancer free streak was broken when we got yet another call saying that the cancer was back but this time worse because it had spread to multiple spots. He was once again told that his odds of beating this were really low but I kept my head up knowing he beat the odds once he can do it again! As time went on and treatments got harder I could see as the person who I loved and looked up to the most began to change right in front of me. His face got heavier from the prednisone, his appetite was all messed up from the chemo but nothing stopped his sense of humor and love for the people he cared most about. Even when going through such a hard time he still took on everyday with a smile and of course a couple of good laughs. He pushed through this fight with every thing he had but unfortunately this battle was one that was just to tough to beat. I lost him on October 28 2017. Hearing the news that he was gone destroyed me because no one should have to lose someone they love because of some disease. My Papaw brought so much joy into peoples life even though the whole time he was fighting for his own. He never liked to show his pain to anyone so instead he changed his pain into joy and laughter that he could share with other. But yet in the end cancer still had to take him away. 

I hope that one day we can find a cure for this silent killer called cancer so no one else has to watch a loved one suffer or lose a loved one all together!
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