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Kelly Bisceglia Boenzi's Story

Submitted By: Kelly Bisceglia Boenzi

#CancerIsPersonal Story:

Today, the sad truth is that I know too many people that have impacted my life, ranging from ages 3 to 90 who have been affected by Cancer.

Today, I personally know 8 people who have lost their battles, 4 people who have won & will continue to monitor and stay ahead of their battles, and 2 who are really fighting hard! These numbers will continue to go up. That’s TOO MANY people!!

I chose these two women on my hands bc if it weren’t for them, i wouldnt be here. Both of my grandmothers “Ba” (Shirley Cassidy) & “Gram” (Clara Bisceglia) had cancer, at times beat cancer & ultimately were taken from us way too soon due to this horrible disease.

Spread the word. Support The H Foundation. And share your #CancerisPersonal story. Together we can make a difference.

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