Cancer Is Personal

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John's Friend Pam

Submitted By: John

#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I'm raising my hand(s), accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonal challenge, to help find a cure for cancer.
This is my story: Cancer became personal to me 18 years ago when my friend, Pam Herts, was diagnosed with breast cancer. At 31 years old, this wasn't supposed to happen. She inspired me, and a group of my friends, to do something about it... to truly do something to raise money for cancer research. The H Foundation was born... a movement was started... a community has come together.
Since that time, cancer continues to touch my life... my childhood friend Tom, my aunts and uncles, my good friend Stanley and then Dick and now my Dad. Yes... my Dad, my father, my mentor, my hero is battling cancer. It is real and it is personal.
I have learned through this journey that cancer is personal to all of us. If it is personal to you...join me in this challenge. Join hands with me and share your #CancerIsPersonal story and I ask that you then challenge 5 of your friends to then share their story.
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