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Gregg's Story

#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I raise my hand proudly in honor of my wife Eileen. After seven years of living life to the fullest Eileen, mother, grandmother, amazing best friend and wife is at peace and leaves a legacy of commitment, perseverance, and love of life to everyone that knew her. She gave of herself by participating in trials, a member of the Patient Advocacy Council, shared her first hand path of life with cancer to students studying to become the next Oncologists and cancer related professionals, never once giving up or retreating. Even in death, she gave of herself by donating her body to medical research, to help others.
In those seven years she was able to have lived life to the fullest because of research and new drugs that were made possible by donations and fundraising that comes from great organizations like The H Foundation, which I am very proud to be associated with. I raise my hand because I know the cause is extremely important and does so much for those patients and families living life with cancer.

BUT, God gave us two hands, so use the other to dig deep into your pocket and raise that hand high with a great donation to help find the cure.
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