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Di Ana Ford

Submitted By: Di Ana Ford

#CancerIsPersonal Story:
August 10, 2015 was the day my life took a drastic turn. My back and ribs had been hurting. I kept going to my Chiropractor as I thought I had a rib-head out. He finally encouraged me to get to the hospital right away as he felt something wasn't right. When I got to the ER, after initial tests, they thought I may of had a blood clot on my lungs. After more tests and hours later they sent me to Edwards Hospital in Naperville, where I had more tests run. A doctor finally came in and told me I had Breast Cancer. Not JUST Breast Cancer, but Stage 4 and it had mestatasized to the bones in my hips, ribs, chest and spine. It took my breath away. I spent the rest of that week in the hospital with more tests being run. It has now been almost a year, and I'm still here. I'm still alive, and everyday is a fight. My life now is not at all what it was just a year ago. My life now is not at all what I imagined it would be. I was put on 2 Chemo drugs. One that had just been approved by the FDA a few month prior and helps the other drug perform better and help to extend my life. I never asked the doctors "How long do I have?" I don't want to know. I don't want a number in my head. I am doing everything I can to strengthen my immune system and be healthy. I watch for Cancer news to keep up with any new drugs/protocols that may help. And I think even more importantly I try very hard to remain positive and grateful for every moment I have. Life truly is precious and can change so quickly!
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