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Cancer is personal. It touches all of us. Whether you’re a survivor yourself or you’ve been there to hold the hand of a loved one fighting for their life, you’ve felt the strength that comes from knowing you are not alone.

We started The H Foundation because one person inspired us. As our organization has grown we’re still inspired every day by the thousands of people who’ve shared their stories with us. And now we invite you to share your stories of who has inspired you to find a cure for cancer.

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  1. Write the name of someone who inspires you on your hand.
  2. Take a picture.
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#CancerIsPersonal Story:
A little over a year ago I lost my Papaw Hynds to cancer. He hands down had the biggest impact on my life and meant the world to me. He battled cancer for quite some time. He was first diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer a few years back.
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I never really knew my great grandpa well, but I did know that he was a fighter. He had battled lymphoma which ultimately sent him home, but this foundation is a fantastic way to raise awareness so that others can hopefully find a cure and end this terrible disease.
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
My story is short. I lost my mom to cancer three months ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and shed a tear. My sister and way too many friends have battled this disease. We need to find a cure!!!
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Cancer has touched way too many family members throughout my life. The first time I was old enough to understand what was going on was when my Gram was faced with her battle with cancer when I was in high school.
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
We are raising our hands, accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonal challenge, to help find a cure for cancer.
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Two years ago, I lost the greatest coach and teacher I’ve ever had to cancer. My Grandma and Uncle are both battling it as well. Cancer is something that needs to be cured so it can stop affecting everyone’s loved ones and friends!
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
#CancerIsPersonal to the fourteensixteen staff as some of us have lost our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and others to this horrible disease so we gladly accept the challenge and are raising a hand to share why we want to join this fight against cancer!
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I am raising two hands, because I watched helplessly as Cancer impacted both of my grandfathers. They both fought bravely, but the cure they needed was not available. I accept the challenge for my Grandpa Henry Wagner and for my Grandpa Kenneth Tipner.
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I raise my hand proudly in honor of my wife Eileen. After seven years of living life to the fullest Eileen, mother, grandmother, amazing best friend and wife is at peace and leaves a legacy of commitment, perseverance, and love of life to everyone that knew her.
Submitted By: Julie
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I have chosen to raise my hand for my Uncle Tom who I had to say goodbye to less than three years ago.
Submitted By: Alissa
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I accept The H Foundation's #CancerIsPersonal challenge. Cancer is a terrible disease that affects everyone in some way. Too many members of my family have suffered from cancer. My Grandpa Len
Submitted By: Beth
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I am raising my hands in honor of my friends Amy and Fr Bill, both losing their battle to cancer but will live in my heart forever!
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Challenge accepted, LaGrange Theatre! Here's one of our shifts joining the #CancerIsPersonal challenge, raising a hand to share why we want to join this fight against cancer!
Submitted By: Danny
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I'm raising my hands for the H Foundation in honor of my father and dear friend Dawn who lost their battle with cancer!
Submitted By: Susan
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I am raising my hand, accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonalChallenge to help find a cure for cancer. Cancer has passed my path several times in my life but there is one person who has made a profound impact on me and whom I think of quite often actually.
Submitted By: Hortons Home Lighting
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Inspired by our owner and The H Foundation Board President, John Rot, who shared his #CancerIsPersonal story, our Hortons team is raising our hands, accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonal challenge, to help find a cure for cancer.
Submitted By: Wild Monk
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
The Wild Monk Family has joined the #Cancerispersonal Challenge to help find a cure for this horrible disease.
Submitted By: LaGrange Theater
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
The LaGrange Theatre is joining the #CancerIsPersonal challenge because cancer is personal to all of us!
Submitted By: Tim Tyrrell
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of AMAZING people who have touched my life in so many ways. As a Host Committee member for The H Foundation, cancer has become more and more personal to me throughout the year. Two of my close friends have unfortunately been faced with the reality that cancer touches everyone. So, I am honored to recognize two women who inspire me to make a difference in the fight against cancer every day.
Submitted By: Kelly Tischler
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
My dad's dad passed away when I was just four years old from lung cancer. I have very few memories of him but hold on to what I do remember.
Submitted By: Rosie Rose Colucci
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime
Submitted By: Kelly Bisceglia Boenzi
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Today, the sad truth is that I know too many people that have impacted my life, ranging from ages 3 to 90 who have been affected by Cancer.
Submitted By: Trish
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I'm raising my hand, accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonalchallenge, to help find a cure for cancer. I lost my dad 10 years ago, but it seems like yesterday. Since that time cancer continues to touch my life. Join hands with me and share your #CancerIsPersonal story and I ask that you then challenge 5 of your friends to then share their story.
Submitted By: Kathy
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I’m raising my hand, accepting The H Foundation #CancerIsPersonal challenge, to help find a cure for cancer. I lost my husband 10 years ago, it doesn’t get any easier. Since that time cancer continues to affect my life. Join hands with me and share your #CancerIsPersonal story and I ask that you then challenge 5 of your friends to then share their story.
Submitted By: John
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Cancer became personal to me 18 years ago when my friend, Pam Herts, was diagnosed with breast cancer. At 31 years old, this wasn't supposed to happen. She inspired me, and a group of my friends, to do something about it... to truly do something to raise money for cancer research. The H Foundation was born... a movement was started... a community has come together.
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
#CancerIsPersonal. I'm raising my hand, pledging, to find a cure for Cancer. For my Mom, my inspiration, a breast cancer warrior, and to all my friends and family who have been touched by this disease. Please share your story, donate, or volunteer today. Together we can make a difference.
Submitted By: Libby Pederson
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Rena has been like a second mother to me. I grew up across the street from her and her family...her three sons, daughter and husband were considered like a second family to us.
Submitted By: Michelle
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
My Dad was never sick, until he got gallbladder cancer. He did everything that he could to fight back including a clinical research study.
Submitted By: JET Advertising
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Although cancer is personal to each of us at JET Advertising, we support the fight against cancer together.
Submitted By: Kris Bellavia
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I lost my brother this past April to lung cancer. He never smoked a day in his life. But when he was diagnosed he was already in stage IV and it had spread everywhere.
Submitted By: Di Ana Ford
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
August 10, 2015 was the day my life took a drastic turn. My back and ribs had been hurting. I kept going to my Chiropractor as I thought I had a rib-head out.
Submitted By: Jason Flatt
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. I grew up in a small town outside of Raleigh called Youngsville. I seemed normal as a kid. Played sports. Got into trouble.
Submitted By: Cortney
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Losing someone to cancer changes your outlook on life. In October of 2015, I watched my family deal with the grief that comes from losing someone to cancer. My cousin John passed away after a stem cell transplant that we hoped would save his life.
Submitted By: Bruce Harken
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
I am alive because of cancer research and some very good doctors. I had adenocarcinoma with a fistula connection. A form of colorectal cancer that appears where it shouldn't be.
Submitted By: Dee Santucci
#CancerIsPersonal Story:
Donna, I miss you everyday! You were the best sister ever. Love you.
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